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The most accurate sperm selection with Microchip Technology!

Recently, at least 50% of infertility-related problems are known to be caused by male infertility. These problems such as low sperm counts, low sperm mobility or low sperm quality, can seriously affect the chances of natural pregnancy, even the process of the IVF treatments. In recent years, the microchip method developed by a scientist in Harvard, which has been implemented by effective centers, has now prevented such problems from happening in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Both microchip and the ultimate chip which is developed for sperm counts under 5 million, are successfully performed in our Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, that brings all kinds of new technologies to Cyprus.

What is Microchip, also known as a "Chip Baby"?

There are many different methods for the search for live and healthy sperm cells. These methods, along with developing technologies, turn into more effective alternatives every day. Among these methods, special sperm extraction technologies, leaving behind others, the most increasing rate of success methods are micro chip and IMSI technologies. With these technologies, we obtain healthy pregnancies and birth, even with sperm cells that are very weak and which are almost non-likely to develop pregnancy.

Since microchip technology is a method that can be performed in IVF treatment, it is applied in the laboratory environment to sperm cells taken from the father during the IVF treatment process. 

With Microchip technology;

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