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For more than a year, although they have not implemented any method to prevent pregnancy, couples who do not have a natural way of having babies are evaluated in detail, reproductive disorders is also seen in men. According to research, 50% of problems caused by male infertility cases have been observed. These problems, which constitute an obstacle in front of pregnancy, are considered as male-related. The biggest factor in the absence of pregnancy, related with male infertility is azospermiya, which means, there is no sperm found or severe structural defects are found in sperm.

If these cases occur in men, treatment should be started without losing time. Because in the future, when age factor is added to these problems, for couples' who try having a baby will require a more challenging process. The micro tese/Tesa method used for a long time against various sperm problems, such as the absence of healthy sperm cells in the male, gives very successful results in terms of pregnancy.

What the Micro Tese/TESA?

Thanks to microscopic surgical operations called Tesa or Micro Tese, men who have no healthy sperm in their semen are searched for live sperm in the testicles and sperm can be obtained in this way. Tesa and micro-tese operations are carried out successfully at our Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs.

If we summarize the process briefly;
In the testicular tissue of the male, there are thousands of structures similar to small tubes, and even if the sperm does not come out, sperm production continues within these structures. There may not be sperm production in each tube, while there are some, and there may not be little or no production in some. Therefore, calls are made from different places.

TESA process, is the process of entering and removing sperm from the skin by injecting a needle into the tissue inside the man's testicles. If sperm can not be obtained with the application, Micro Tese method is performed. The Micro Tese is the method of finding sperm under a microscope from the sperm producing tubes. Particles taken from different areas of the testis tissue are examined and depending on the reason for the process, 25-50% of the sperm cells are found live.  In addition to this, the Micro Tese method is also minimized in the vein damage caused by biopsy. By our specialized embryologists and urologist sperm can easily be found through small parts.

70% of sperm can be found in sperm production problems arising from this method, but due to genetic factors, the probability of finding sperm is very low.

After Micro Tese Operation

In our Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, Micro Tese operations can be performed under anesthesia. Therefore, it is a painless operation that lasts about half an hour, which does not cause any pain or discomfort for the man. After the procedure, there is no need to rest for a long time or to lie down in the hospital. The patient can easily return to his life, only attention to the main points listed below is enough.

  • No sexual intercourse up to 10-15 days,
  • After the operation of Micro Tese or Tesa, bath or shower should not be done for at least 5 days.
  • You should avoid heavy lifting and heavy sports for at least 1 Week.
  • If swelling, bleeding or redness develops in the treated area, you should tell your doctor immediately.

When to decide on TESA or Micro Tese?

  • In the case of obstruction of the sperm channels, or in the absence of Innate channels,,
  • If there is no sperm output due to genetic or hormonal reasons,
  • After radiation therapy for cancer treatment that uses high-energy X-rays or other types of radiation that can kill sperm cells,
  • During the youth or adult period, if infections like those have been passed and drugs are used to break the sperm.

Micro TESE application at Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs

Each of the sperm finding stages should be performed within the center and performed under appropriate conditions. Sperm can be obtained in the first application of micro tese method, but not every sperm can be alive and once found in the sperm, the possibility of not being in the next application. Therefore, if the quality of sperm obtained is good, sperm can be frozen and stored for future.



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