IVD ID Witness System

While IVF treatments widespread all around the world, bad scenarios can happen such as mixing of egg and sperm cells resulting the irreversible embryo mixing situations. To prevent this kind of a vulnerable conditions, IVF centers must have an auto control mechanism and the safety insurance for both patients and itself.

We are proud to announce that we use the latest technology witness system and clear all the fearful question marks in our patients' minds such as sperm or embryo mixing.

NO More Stress
No more Fearful Questions
Embryo Tracebility and Tracking
Auto Alert System

IVFID is an electronic witness system keeps the verification and matching data on every step of the treatment starting from sperm and egg collection, ICSI (fertilization), embryo transfer, embryo/sperm/egg freezing. System wirelessly matches the sperm and egg samples of patient who is having the treatment. IVF Witness system is a  perfect security system to prevent possible human related errors and related conflictions.

How System Works?

IVF witness system works wirelessly with electronic radio waves. Wireless disposable chips, in the form of bracelet and a chip on the sperm container are being used all along the treatment process. All treatment process goes trough a wireless verification, in the embryology laboratory and operation room.

At the same time, every disposable material have both patient's and spouse's name details and patient's barcode written on the labels.

During the egg collection and transfer processes, patient can see the identity details and information about herself on the LCD screen in the operation room and every action taken (egg collection, egg counts, transfer etc) is being kept under record on server computer.

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Dr. Firdevs UGUZ TIP
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