Immune Therapy
Especially because of some immune-based diseases in women, it is difficult for the baby to hold on to the mother and continue to develop in the mother's womb, and IVF trials result in a failure.
Immune therapy is applied in Cyprus for many years in our Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs. As mentioned above, although it is not a known problem, repeated unsuccessful IVF trials and miscarriages in women mostly happen because of immunological issues.

How Is Cyprus Immune Therapy done?

With the initiation of the treatment of the mother, our serum treatment is administered gradually according to the severity of the mother's condition. The pre-stage of our serum treatment can begin before fertilization day and in some cases, and the embryo transfer day continues with the application of serum into the vein pathway. After the serum application, drug treatment is continued until the baby's heart beats.

Who should prefer Immune Therapy?

We obtain healthy pregnancies in about 80% of our patients who come to us with immune-based, non-cause and recurrent failures.

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Dr. Firdevs UGUZ TIP - IVF Specialist Doctor

Dr. Firdevs UGUZ TIP
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