Embryo Donation
In cases where the reproductive cells are deficient or completely lacking and for this reason, when it is not possible to conceive with both egg and sperm, the method of embryo donation is performed which is done by reproductive cells taken from the both sperm and egg donors. In couples living with azospermia and menopause status at the same time, this treatment is creating miracles in the way of having a baby. In the embryo donation method, fresh cycle egg cells are fertilized with the sperm cells from the sperm bank (Cryos International), which are prepared suitable for the physical characteristics of the mother and father.

Who Is Eligible For Embriyo Donation?

embriyo donasyonu donör seçimiHow We Choose Donors?

Egg Donors:

There are certain rules and criteria for being an egg donor. People who do not meet these criteria are not considered as egg donors in any way. The disease, physical and psychological status of the donor, the immune system is analyzed by various tests and if deemed appropriate by specialist physicians, is considered to be an egg donor. The reason for this procedure is to prevent various possible problems after egg donation. By this way, a healthy treatment process can be provided. 
In our IVF treatment with embryo donation, the egg donor is selected from healthy and productive women within the range of 19-26 years. All controls and tests of donors are carried out by us with great care.

Sperm Donors:

For our Cyprus embryo donation treatment, we work with Cryos International Denmark which is founded in 1981 and known as one of the the largest and most reliable sperm bank of the world since then.
Before the sperm samples are accepted by the Bank, many and detailed tests are carried out and in this way genetic and infectious diseases are examined. Sperms which cannot pass such tests are not accepted in the bank. In this way, there is no question mark in our patients' minds, and they complete their treatment in peace.
Sperm donors are also subjected to psychological and intelligence tests, which are examined in detail by the sperm bank in terms of physical and biological terms. Sperm of donors who cannot exceed the required degree is definitely not accepted. Therefore, the training levels and intelligence levels of sperm donors are high.

Stages Of Embryo Donation

  1. The treatment history and detailed characteristics of the couples are taken, the treatment plan is made accordingly. Tests and other preparations are asked to be performed. Our experienced patient coordinator, Irem Berk, continuously provides psychological support to couples in the decision-making and preparation processes of the couples.

  2. Egg donors are selected by our specialist Dr. Firdevs, according to the information received from the couples such as ethnic identities, physical characteristics, dominant characteristics, blood groups etc. The information of the donor, which is selected can be shared with the couples. After the approval, the final decision is made by making comprehensive tests and checks of the donor.

  3. With obtaining the physical properties of the father’s hair color, eye color, body structure, blood group etc., sperm donor selection process is started and suitable sperm sample is decided from Cryos International Denmark, one of the world’s most reliable and the largest sperm bank.

  4. As we do a fresh cycles (fresh eggs), preparations of the mother and the donor are carried out simultaneously. Therefore, the mother's mensturation period is arranged before the treatment with the use of various pills. If the mother is in menopause, such a balancing is not required, treatment can be started directly. As the donor's eggs are developed by Dr. Firdevs, the endometrium of the mother is prepared with various medications.

  5. In this process, our patient coordinator Irem Berk assists the mother step by step and ensures a smooth treatment process. This pre-preparation process starts at the 2nd or 3rd day of mother’s and donor’s menstural period and lasts approximately 11-12 days.

  6. About 12 days of medication treatment, the donor is ready for the egg collection process. All egg cells are fertilized with sperm cells of the sperm donor. Since eggs are prepared for one patient, fresh, one-to-one and sharing is not done, we can guarantee at least 10 healthy eggs to each patient. After fertilization, the fertilized embryos are left to evolve in special incubators. On the same day, the endometrium of the mother is examined and new medications that prepare the mother for pregnancy are started.

  7. The last stage of the treatment of the Cyprus embryo donation is embryo transfer stage. This can be done 3rd or 5th day of fertilization. The best developing embryos are transferred to the mother in a painless manner, accompanied by ultrasound. 

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